Sunday, September 25, 2011

An Accurate Picture of the Black American Experience

In order for a true representation of the Black American Experience to be reflected in art, each individual artist must reflect his own diverse vision of what is true. No one artist can reflect us all. 50 cent can't accurately represent me as accurately as I can myself, and vice versa.

He should create art that reflects his truth as I will mine, and as we all do so, the full mosaic of what is a Black American will come forth. Tyler Perry represents one tile on that great mosaic, as does, Spike Lee, as does, Donald Goines, as does Toni Morrison, etc. The more that each individual one of us, with their unique view through their particular eyes of what it means to be Black American gets to show their work, the more satisfied we will all be. Our Caucasian counterparts have the literal full range of their experiences reflected in art, from Queen Elizabeth and George Bush all the way to Beavis & Butthead and Red Skelton. We should unashamedly do the same.

Who we are as a people will not be accurately reflected in art, film, television, etc., until we each of us tells his/her story.

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