Monday, February 7, 2022

That OTHER Troll Farm


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Rasheed, Muhammad. "That OTHER Troll Farm." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 07 Feb 2022. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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Steve DelRay - But, the shot DOES lessen the chance of hospitalization or death.

Muhammad Rasheed - Yeah?

How do you know?

Muhammad Rasheed - Not drinking, smoking or eating pork lessens the chance of hospitalization or death, too.


Steve DelRay - I stopped drinking and smoking, and I feel better because of it. I have to pray on my weakness for stewed pork chops, though. The Soul Food Bistro is run by the Illuminati!

Steve DelRay - I go by the data I've read, and from the two ladies I know who had it. But, no, I don't "know."

Muhammad Rasheed - The two ladies you know who had what?

Steve DelRay - COVID.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Okay, but what does that have to do with how you answered the "How do you know?" question?

Muhammad Rasheed - Are you just going to toss out pieces of info and expect me to fill in the rest myself?

Muhammad Rasheed - Explain how these two ladies having COVID-19 proves that the shot lessens the chances of hospitalization or death, please.

Steve DelRay - You know what, Rasheed? You're right. I yield to your unimpeachable logic and enlightenment....

Muhammad Rasheed - Steve, the point of this series of cartoons is that I just want to have a normal civil discussion about the subject without people gaslighting at me like they are 30+ yr COVID super-experts patronizing at everybody. I hate that gaslighty sh*t.

What's wrong with just talking about it and walking the info down like a normal discussion? Is that illegal now?

Muhammad Rasheed - At this point, I'm far more interested in WHY you responded the way you responded -- like you were insulted JUST BECAUSE I QUERIED into the material.

You don't think that's odd? Is COVID-19 'sacred' and untouchable? Only the right, authorized people can discuss it at all behind the scenes?

Steve DelRay - Basically, it's because with me, it's a moot point; I've gotten the shots already, and so far, I ain't sick or dead. That's all I ask of an inoculation. I remember vividly when parents were told that a measles shot was necessary to keep kids from contracting Rubella (German measles); I recall the bigass inoculation gun that they shot us with. I embarrassed my mom with I screamed. I was still screamin' after it had been over, and the nurse moved on to the next child. Still got a mark where I took the shot. I have never seen a public health situation be as politicized as this one has been. Even after prominent anti-vaxxers have shuffled off this mortal coil, folks are still saying this is some kinda plot to enslave mankind. Getting the vaccine seems like the sensible thing to do...

Muhammad Rasheed - Steve wrote: "Even after prominent anti-vaxxers have shuffled off this mortal coil, folks are still saying this is some kinda plot to enslave mankind."

This line right here is why it's worth having the discussion, since the point of it -- nor of continuously using real vaccinations as analogies for it -- do not support the data around the pandemic.
I'm not anti-vaxx. lol As an anti-racism artivist, I'm aware that whites used to couldn't even show up in Africa without dropping dead in a matter of weeks. Vaccination science changed that dramatically. So, calling me "anti-vaxx" just for wanting to have a civil discussion about a topic ("I don't wanna have a discussion about it because I GOT mine!" just can't be your actual position, can it? 🤨) by using the term in the exact same way that "antisemite" is weaponized, is deeply suspicious to me.

It means people are either collecting a check from their troll farm account, or they are brainwashed puppets. That's how it comes across.

Steve DelRay - Dawg, I wasn't calling you an anti-vaxxer; I just noticed that a few of the higher profile folks who were vocally against the vaccine died. But, after my mother--a woman who was a nurse for 30-some odd years, and had just got out of the hospital for an adverse reaction to the flu shot--she immediately told her therapist to give her the shot, and they suggested that I take one too, so I did. That is the full extent of my advocacy for the COVID shot: I took mine, you do YOU.

Muhammad Rasheed - Steve wrote: "Dawg, I wasn't calling you an anti-vaxxer;"

This wasn't my first attempt to have the discussion, Steve. I was talking generally.

Steve wrote: "I just noticed that a few of the higher profile folks who were vocally against the vaccine died."

We're in a pandemic in which people all over the world are dying from a deadly virus that was part of several experiments by Dr. Fauci's companies and affiliates. Being publicly for or against an aspect of the SARS-coronavirus-19 drama has zero bearing on whether you catch and die from a super-contagious deadly virus within a pandemic.

What's relevant here is that Fauci's team was not able to create an actual vaccination for the virus -- instead, they are experimenting with what they initially called "gene therapy." This means that instead of using the actual viral material from within the cell, they snap off one of the little corona spike-1 proteins sticking out from the cell and inject it hoping to activate an "immune-like response." That's the part right there that they hinge their "lessens the chance of hospitalization or death" tagline upon. It's NOT an actual vaccination that uses the dead material to get your body to create the antibodies against the actual disease -- they are NOT injecting the actual viral material into you so that can't happen -- but they are counting on tricking the body into almost creating antibodies sorta-kinda in a flinch reaction.


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