Sunday, March 1, 2020

Proselytizing of the Red Parasite

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Rasheed, Muhammad. "Proselytizing of the Red Parasite." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 01 Mar 2020. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.


@mg_returns - Hey, #socialists and #communists!

If you are

  1. not standing shoulder-to-shoulder with #ADOS to stop the genocide of our people 
  2. stalling our repair by talking about some future world 

You're just another #racist ideology. That is all.

Muhammad Rasheed - Hey, #socialists and #communists!

If you are

        3. Preaching that ADOS don't need to wealth build and own our land/property
        4. Trying to guilt ADOS for rightfully fighting for our #Reparations justice claim

You're just another #racist ideology. That is all.

@davwim - We stand 100% behind reparations for descendants of African slavery.

Muhammad Rasheed - Does that mean you stand 0% behind the descendants of American slavery?

@davwim - We're lifting all boats.

Muhammad Rasheed - Are you though? Because your choice of wording was VERY specific and was as loud in what it proclaimed as what it deliberately left out.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm used to white supremacists deliberately downplaying the European-led, mega-corporate big business Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade to pretend the "real" problem was all the African trader's fault. It's part of the white supremacist modus operandi to place ALL the blame on the lowest ranking members of any trafficking supply chain.

Muhammad Rasheed - Should I be surprised to see your very, Very, VERY carefully worded "descendants of African slavery" when you KNOW THE NAME of the #ADOS group? lol

You also do so while pretending to a friendliness and a 'meaning no harm.' I've known you for a century, #communist. Intimately.

Muhammad Rasheed - As an American Descendant of Slavery (#ADOS), the paper trail of my lineage & heritage stops at the Civil War by design of my slave owner oppressors. I can't prove "African slavery," but I can certainly prove "American slavery," hence my shared identity with my tribe.

@davwim - Our plan to make cannabis legal, expunge records, and invest the tax money into minority communities doesn't require proof. More black owned small business and lifting the black community with cash, and equality.

Muhammad Rasheed - As a #communist #socialist, what you require is a treacherous nonessential to what my #ADOS ethnic group requires, and in fact, has often served to aid in my disenfranchisement and exploitation during the 'Assimilated Integrationist Token' era.

@davwim - I'm not looking to use your likeness to push my own agenda. We need programs for everyone now. Would it make a difference if black children could go to college for free, or get a good paying job, or healthcare?

Muhammad Rasheed - Meanwhile, literally ALL you do is seek to use my political capital to push your white supremacist agendas.

What I require is my #Reparations as part of an aggressive effort to close the racial/lineage wealth gap. Yet more impotent 'social welfare' promises from your group, to be inevitably sabotaged by your political rivals if they are half-assed passed into law, do not move me.

@davwim - I know what the ADoS stance is. Direct payment is not in the platform.

Muhammad Rasheed - Then your group's solicitations continue to waste my time as much now as when we met in 1919.

Please go away.

Muhammad Rasheed - To be clear, NO ONE has been more disenfranchised, more exploited and more plundered than the American Descendants of Slavery #ADOS. It is from our specific labor & bodies that the obscene wealth of the "greatest nation on earth" was built. This is not insignificant.

@davwim - Black slaves are the reason America is a superpower today. I'm not ignorant. Last I hear the US owes you 4 trillion dollars. Bernie's plan is to give money to minority communities mos affected by racism. #NoMoreChains For any of us.Rose

Muhammad Rasheed - Your information is woefully outdated. The US government owes me $20 trillion in cash, land and poverty-reversal programs designed to close the racial wealth gap. Bernie doesn't believe at all in what I require and plans to ignore me while giving Israelis more 'reparations.'

@davwim - I suggest you get with Nina, or Dr Barber. Policy negotiations are above my paygrade.

Muhammad Rasheed - Instead, I will get with my #ADOS tribe and use my political capital to pressure my hard-headed party into committing to the #BlackAgenda.

@davwim - Get in now. We sure could use your full support. Please don't take a hardline stance. We're helping everyone. #NotMeUs

Muhammad Rasheed - Without doubt, history has shown that without my hardline stance, #ADOS will absolutely continue to be exploited and plundered until we are finally herded back into chattel... most of that recent history being YOUR group's fault.

Please go away as our goals do not align.

@davwim - I understand. As far as you know I'm just some white boy on twitter. I won't respond anymore.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol As far as what I bear witness to this day, you are a proud mouthpiece for the leftist arm of anti-ADOS systemic racism, performing the same proselytizing that #ADOS has been hearing from you lot for the last century.

@davwim - We welcome everyone. I'm out of my league here, and I'm not going to embarrass myself or this movement. Good day to you. Please speak with someone higher up.

Muhammad Rasheed - Negative. I already know your higher ups. A repackaged, 21st century version of your tired manifesto lacks interest.

@davwim - You aren't just ADoS. Maybe a higher up in BLM, or the Panthers. I'll wait for you to see this and then I'm blocking you. No offense

Muhammad Rasheed - Please note that the Black Panthers and other prominent ADOS leaders during the Civil Rights era, were all unfortunately thoroughly indoctrinated in your team's kool-aid.

I'm proud to see that the #ADOS activist is free of you.

MEDIUM: Scanned pen & ink cartoon drawing w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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