Sunday, October 1, 2017

Dialogue with the White Conservative: "Justice is Coming!"

Tariq Nasheed‏ - OJ Simpson is the only person in the history of America to do 9 years in prison for "stealing" his own property.

Muhammad Rasheed - They're sending a message to all the vocal Reparationists.

WLMtoo‏ - Reparations = Welfare

A Life of Love‏ - Really? Are you saying victims of the holocaust received welfare? Tweet wisely.

Muhammad Rasheed - The term "welfare" has been weaponized by white conservatives for obvious reasons, but the majority of free gov funds out of that pie are paid to mega-corporations and white farmers.

They can call it whatever they want, just stop exploiting my people and pay what they owe.

WLMtoo‏ - No one OWES you anything. You get what you EARN. No one alive today has been or owned a slave. If you think your getting paid you're f'd up!

Muhammad Rasheed - I mentioned white farmers get paid free gov money in the form of subsidies as an example. Note that Black farmers are excluded from this. This is but one example of many in which Blacks were excluded from programs designed to build up white people on free handouts, so you could turn around and lecture Blacks about what they need to earn.

Also note the lengthy historic record of envious whites attacking/killing successful Black communities and confiscating their assets.

And also note again the lengthy historic record of whites scamming Blacks in the housing market using redlining, gerrymandering, etc.

You owe alright, and I hope to see it paid out in my lifetime if only to see you in fury over losing your stolen assets to overdue justice.

Have a nice day. :)

WLMtoo - That's a freakin lie

Muhammad Rasheed - Meanwhile, it's the 'freaking' truth you've ducked since Reconstruction, trash. #JusticeIsComing

WLMtoo‏ - If anyone knows about handouts it's blacks

Muhammad Rasheed - No one has received more free handouts than whites. Remember the Homesteading Act? All the cheap loans you and your businesses get?

WLMtoo‏ - Assets? What assets? Boom boxes and Nikes! What do you have that anyone could possibly want? Idiot!

Muhammad Rasheed - For one, you've always lusted after my Black Body for labor. For two, my land that you stole. Next my citizenship as you disenfranchised me.

Next, my Black businesses as you ran your new expressway system through ONLY Black business districts throughout the nation. You've spent the last 500 yrs raping, pillaging, exploiting, appropriating everything Black. Do you even have an identity left, trash?

Other than your raping, pillaging, exploiting, appropriating Euro-culture, I mean.

WLMtoo‏ - What land? Back in mother Africa? It's still a cesspool there. Always will be because black losers never amount to anything.

Muhammad Rasheed - The thousands and thousands of acres of land Free Blacks earned in these here United States of America since the 1600s. We had land. You took it through various confidence schemes, government bullying, and terrorism in the usual fashion your barbarity oozes.

WLMtoo‏ - Now you're defending whites in Europe? Your brothers will take your race card for that.

Muhammad Rasheed - "Appropriating" was an adjective, trash.

WLMtoo‏ - Every day is nice! It's good to be King

Muhammad Rasheed - What would such as you know of kinghood? You who slither around your hoarded mass of stolen property like the devil's imp.

Know you that Justice is Coming, trash.  Enjoy your respite while you can.

WLMtoo‏ - You came here with nothing, add nothing. You only take, we'd be a better country without you.

Muhammad Rasheed - Your elitist masters know better, trash. They know who I am, and how they dishonored me to raise themselves and their mongrel imp race up.

WLMtoo‏ - You still have it, it's called a ghetto.

Muhammad Rasheed - The "ghetto" is where your savage leadership forced us after taking our assets, lands and disenfranchising us. Your memory is willfully short.

WLMtoo‏ - What makes you think it's ok to rip whites without getting it back in return. Life doesn't work that way.

Muhammad Rasheed - Whites are the bad guys of the last half millennium's historical record. You deserve a ripping. Stand by. #JusticeIsComing

WLMtoo‏ - Hahahaha! Bring it on boy. 10 million NRA members would love to see that happen.

Muhammad Rasheed - Not a single weapon formed to stop me will prosper. The Lord of Abraham is my Sire, and the laid up wealth of the wicked is my birthright.

WLMtoo‏ - Go visit all your baby mamas today, get introduced to your future drug dealing spawn.

Muhammad Rasheed - The cesspool of poverty left to me after your exploitation will be the very gutter you perish in, trash. Get ready. #JusticeIsComing

WLMtoo‏ - Don't start a war you can't win. We own your world.

Muhammad Rasheed - YOU started this war, trash, and I will certainly finish it. The white supremacy era has come to it's end. #JusticeIsComing

The One God of Abraham owns my world, and you as the squatter are done. Get ready. #JusticeIsComing

WLMtoo‏ - No, that would be you and your Moooslam brotherhood.

Muhammad Rasheed - It doesn't matter under which banner the Black Nation draw our swords under. The One God will bless our holy fight against the oppressor.

It is TIME! Get ready, filth!  Can you not feel it?! #JusticeIsComing

WLMtoo‏ - You're a funny guy. Here to make us laugh. Do you see how quickly we slapped down your NFL brothers, put them right back in line.

Muhammad Rasheed - Keep laughing. We'll see together how long it holds up as #JusticeIsComing

WLMtoo‏ - Anytime you're ready boy

Muhammad Rasheed - Clean your neck for me.  :)

WLMtoo‏ - Odds are one of your own gets you first.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol At this point it should be obvious that I see through your bs partisan smoke-screen bullets. I think I'm more insulted that you tried that crap on me, than I am of your blatant racism. I think that's my vanity acting up. lol

WLMtoo -

Muhammad Rasheed - Please note that "Sambo" was an Indian tale (Kipling-era European colonialism agents brought it back) that you appropriated and labeled onto me out of ignorance. Everywhere you turn there's more and more evidence of your thieving in the land you call "western history." Do you think you will somehow not be trash if you cover your filth in the stolen riches of others? Alas! A futile and sad hope.

WLMtoo - Not ignorance, just humor. We think it's funny.

Muhammad Rasheed - You poor white trash had no idea the tale wasn't talking about me, but was from India. It was definitely ignorance. But we'll see how funny you think it when you find your headless soul writhing in hell.

WLMtoo‏ - We'd gladly send you back to mother Africa but even you'd admit it's better here.

Muhammad Rasheed - I don't care to waste the discussion about Africa on one such as you. Just make sure your neck is clean & anointed to receive my blade.

WLMtoo‏ - I'm probably going to hell for many reasons, you ain't one of them. I'll see you there, you can get me a beer.

Muhammad Rasheed - Nay. As a believer in the One God of Abraham, I will enjoy the reward of my Lord. Hell is your portion for your commitment to evil. Trust that you will be too busy experiencing a literally Unimaginable Torment to even remember to think about beer.

WLMtoo‏ - Making threats on twitter will get you banned.

Muhammad Rasheed - Oppressing God's people will earn you hell, trash. I guess that makes us even.

WLMtoo‏ - You threaten to kill and I'm the evil one. You're a confused man. You need a mirror. I'll send you one.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm just reminding you that the Race War of legend is on its way, and God will be on MY side in it as the believing oppressed. You already know #JusticeIsComing for that ass, so it wasn't a threat. You just don't like to think about it, hence the beer and heroin.

WLMtoo‏ - God loves everyone, even you.

Muhammad Rasheed - Don't presume to speak for my Lord, trash. You chose racism, the hoarding monopoly and classism over God's righteousness, remember? The One God loves NOT those who love sowing evil in the earth! REMEMBER the tales of the prophets!! Your portion is hellfire for your savage deeds, while I'll receive the wealth you've stolen and amassed in this life, and paradise in the next! Glory be to God!

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm tickled by how you got triggered by my "threat" as you called it, while your people have been lynching/terrorizing me for centuries now. The savage imps of the devil are consistently cowardly when they find out JUSTICE IS COMING. The KKK had been hanging me from trees for 150 yrs, yet just the SIGHT of The Black Panthers holding guns made you piss yourself.

And you had the nerve to refer to yourself as a king. I look forward to the Race War, trash. My blade ACHES to destroy you in God's Name.

WLMtoo‏ - My family has been here since 1935, we've never lynched or killed anyone. How many has your family killed?

Muhammad Rasheed - You may toss that lie upon the pile with all your other sins for Judgment, filth.

WLMtoo‏ - My sins of judgement!That's a joke. You've decided every white is the devil and you're going to lay your sword upon them. You're the problem

Muhammad Rasheed - YOU decided to act out the devil's role when you stepped your savage, unwashed hide out of Europe, beast! Does my shining the spotlight on you make you uncomfortable? AYE!! Know you that hellfire will be even MORE uncomfortable!

WLMtoo‏ - I'm done with you. My boyz are here to cut my lawn and clean my pool. Just trying to help a brother up!

Muhammad Rasheed - Do so by cleaning your neck. Enjoy your family.

You are dismissed.

WLMtoo‏ - Never been to Europe, not sure what you're talking about. If I'm blamed for slavery somebody better get their ass here and clean my house.

Muhammad Rasheed - Do you pretend innocence while proudly wearing the badge of white supremacy support as your user name? Go away now.

WLMtoo‏ - All your tweets sound like Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction.

Muhammad Rasheed - And all yours sound like the racist, unrepentant hellbound.


Muhammad Rasheed - I thought you had shit to do? Go away, I'm trying to finish this cartoon and you're distracting me.

WLMtoo‏ - Yep, we're twins, but I'm the better looking one.

Muhammad Rasheed - btw I'll take that as a compliment since Jules was clearly the best character in Tarantino's film folio.

WLMtoo‏ - He was good, much better than Travolta

WLMtoo‏ - Don't draw Muhammad, the Muslims get pissed and will kill you. Then I won't have you to torture.

Muhammad Rasheed - I AM Muslim, you dotard.

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