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A Long Overdue Cleansing of the Earth

Muhammad Rasheed - I swear my allegiance to Allah, who is no less than the One God of Abraham. It is He who created Adam from scratch, who told Noah to build the ark, who commanded Moses to remove his sandals on holy ground, who delivered the Christ Jesus from his enemies, and anointed Muhammad as the Seal of the Prophethood! Glory be to He! In His name did the believers of olde draw swords in defense of their right to worship the One God as was their duty! I will do no less as I am true in faith and freedom is my birthright! How could it not be as I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is His messenger!

The Euro-ethnic has a tendency to vilify anything he perceives as a threat to his global dominance. The “Muslim World” is a villain because those nations have dared resist Euro-Imperialist subjugation, and you fear that they will somehow regroup and pick up the legendary expansionism of the Faith’s early history where they left off, and manage to overcome you. In addition, you fear that this nightmare scenario will provide an opportunity for the frequently pro-Islamic Black American… who has been the traditional face of the Euro-ethnic’s savage atrocities… to take a long overdue revenge for wrongs both old and new out of your oily hides. The root cause of your vilification of Islam is the fear you will lose your precious monopoly of power that you have conquered and slaughtered so many to attain. As a Black American Muslim I watch you squirm under the fear of this karmic nightmare scenario with interest, having culturally borne witness to your historical wrongs from my dual identity. So when I mix ‘race’ with ‘religion’ in these posts from a seemingly similar place, it’s only because my vision penetrates you deep from two directions at once.

Bakkah Rasheed-Shabazz
- Teach!

Dee Anne Moore
- an old white woman who grew up watching the swirling and dancing of philosophies that religions are molded from, I found my own awakening when I began to study and learn from Joseph Campbell as he explored others' beliefs and rituals far beyond those spawned and practiced in the middle east...the three Abrahamic beliefs...Judaism, Christianity and Islam...all branches of the same tree.
The world is much larger and always has been. Just because the aggressiveness of the middle east spread the Abrahamic beliefs, does not mean that there have always been and will continue to be other interpretations of our existence on this incredible, tiny orb drifting in the vastness of space. I see religion as being a person's own need to simplify a desire to understand why we are... I have experienced many 'mysteries' that seem real vibrant. For those who need an explanation for these life events that are wondrous and mystical, I except that need to be theirs and for them, urgent. It would seem that a great preponderance of humanity needs clear, simplification of the whys and how s and who's... and for many, perhaps even most homo sapiens, this is true. Cults and beliefs are universally embraced among cultures.
Some of the 'beliefs' seem beautiful and harmless while some are grotesque and do great harm.
The population of the planet is ever expanding and so are the hard held beliefs that are part of various groups.
The expansion seems to result in collisions that seem not to make any real sense because none of these beliefs are able to be proven...They are believed by 'faith'... which is a personal agreement that what one believes is valid..

You are part of a beautiful family with strong beliefs. I have come to appreciate and admire the love and kindness that you all express. Regardless of any differences in our 'personal' beliefs or non-beliefs, I am happy to be within the friendship circle... My daughter photographed this beautiful Monarch feeding upon a Milkweed plant... Living in the moment..
I would choose to be in the moment as well...

Muhammad Rasheed - Are you trying to calm me down from battle mode using butterfly pics and rambling free-style poetry...?

Dee Anne Moore - Well, yeh...sorta!!

Dee Anne Moore -

Dee Anne Moore - and a soothing song!

Muhammad Rasheed
- Stop. War is more cleansing than putting up with continuing race-based abuses, and sticking my head in the sand for another few centuries.

Dee Anne Moore - But creating an aura of neutrality...well, it can neutralize the effect of the race baiting... Bill Reed is on fire right now ...he is rightly and justifiably enraged by the police assassinations of people who are black in our society...
Mu, I am friends of a young black man who has been in prison for many years ...since his teens ...(He's in for life which is a step down from his original sentence of execution for being involved in a murder that he did not actually pull the trigger...)
My good friends (one is a retired minister of the Unitarian Universal Church and the other is my 'sister' from another mother and father..his wife) have ministered and befriend him and his family over the years.. I met him through them. When I was pres. of the Indy peace group we published a paper and a few times, I was able to publish some of his writing in that paper.
I would like to share a new writing he put on face book. His name is Phillip Stroud... I hope you might enjoy reading.. (btw...the butterfly and the milkweed are both expressions of life's longing to exist... a powerful statement..elegant and simple.. Their life seems brief but 'briefness' is relative...

Here is Phillip's latest offering... I hope you appreciate what this one young person's life is worth..

Phillip Stroud with Zolo Azania and 91 others.
March 20

A Letter to My Thirteen-Year-Old Self

"Dear Phil,
This is yourself writing to you from the future. Please listen very carefully to what I’m about to say. Right now, you are headed nowhere fast. Skippin’ school, getting’ high and drunk, runnin’ the streets for days, sometimes weeks at a time, in and out of juvenile detention, gang bangin’, and slangin’ crack cocaine. You’re thirteen years old right now, but in ten years, you’ll be in a cold empty cell on Indiana’s death row, facing execution by lethal injection.Three years after that, you’ll be on lockdown at a maximum-security prison, serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole for a crime that you didn't commit.
I know that your father has been in and out of prison your entire life and you two don’t have any type of relationship. That’s NOT your fault, so please stop blaming yourself! He ‘bout to get out real soon and this time he gone stay out, because he wants to save you from yourself. He don’t want you to get killed on the streets like so many of your dawgs have already. Forgive him for not being there when you were a little boy. Listen to him and spend as much time as you can with him because he ain’t got long to live.
His daughter, your little sister, may not live in the same home as you and your little brother, but she IS YOUR SISTER! Family is everything! Get to know her, and treat her like the princess that she is. Listen to her. Protect her. Don’t you ever hurt her or allow anyone else to hurt her.
Please spend more time with your little brother—he needs you and looks up to you. Don’t be jealous just because his pops ain’t locked up and comes around every blue moon. I know that you still like playing Contra and Mike Tyson’s Punchout with him on Nintendo. And y’all used to always watch Thunder Cats and all the other good cartoons on Saturday mornings until you decided to start leaving him at home alone so that you could chase girls and hang wit your homies. Nobody wants to feel like their brother doesn’t care about them, and you’ll feel the same way that he feels right now if you don’t give him the love and attention that he wants, needs, and deserves. Your little brother should be your best friend and your sidekick. Make it happen!
I know that you don’t like being at the crib because Ma’s boyfriends and her husband ain’t nothin’ but snakes, in your opinion. You think that she loves your dope fiend stepdad more than she loves you. It makes you feel like you ain’t good enough, like you’re invisible. Man, you and your brother matter more to your mother than you understand, more than you realize, more than you believe. She loves you more than ANYTHING or ANYBODY else in this world! It’s just hard for her to express it all the time because she’s caught up in a cycle of abuse with a man that she’s in love with. He’s in a lot of pain and she’s trying to save him from the same drugs that you’re out there selling. Speaking of selling drugs—PLEASE STOP NOW!—as in right now! Because if you don’t, you’re gonna end up with fifty more years in prison for selling 1.5 grams of crack cocaine to an undercover cop within 1000 yards of a school that was closed for the summer. This sh*t is real out here! Trust me, I know.
Some days you wake up and it feels like a dark heavy cloud has you pinned down and won’t let you get out of bed, so you just give up and sleep the day away. That’s called depression. That cloud will only get darker and heavier, so let somebody know what’s goin’ on. You don’t have to be afraid or ashamed to ask for help. It doesn’t make you weak, just like jumpin’ on strangers who come thru the hood, or bullying and teasing kids at school doesn’t make you strong. Remember how kids in elementary school teased you for having holes in your shoes and laughed at your socks sticking out the front of them? They called you nappy head and pig nose. I know that it hurts you to hear me say that to you now, just like it hurt me to hear it back then. Words DO hurt, so stop treating other kids how you were treated. You, those kids, and most of our parents have been taught to believe that everything about being “black” is bad, including—no, ESPECIALLY—how we look. That is a lie! The truth is: You are really a prince with the spirit of a warrior and the mind of an architect. Phil, you are so talented! You can flow just as good, if not better than your favorite rappers! You can draw, dance, cut hair, and you’re funny. On top of all that, you’re smart as h*ll. Remember how fun it was to be a part of the Quiz Bowl team when you were in the 5th grade? That’s who you really are! You’re a natural born leader but you don’t have the courage to lead people in the right direction. You’re just following the crowd, goin’ with the flow, tryin’ to be everybody but yourself. You’re better than that.
Dude, your uncle is a lawyer, and he came from the same family and the same hood as you. Working hard for the things that you want and going to school doesn’t make you a sellout or mean that you’re trying to “act white.” Let him guide you and teach you how to be a real man. And when you’re blessed to become a husband and father, give all the love that you have inside you, because love is shown more than it is spoken. You feel me? Someone once said, “The greatest ability is availability,” so be there for your family and friends. And love what you do. Life is hard, but it’s still worth living. Life is not to be taken or wasted—it is precious! Never forget that. I love you."

Always, Me
Phillip Stroud #932249
4490 W. Reformatory Rd.
Pendleton,IN 46064

Muhammad Rasheed - "But creating an aura of neutrality...well, it can neutralize the effect of the race baiting..."

Do you believe such an 'aura' would have prevented that kid from spending those years in prison, or prevent Jeff Sessions' efforts to make sure he and like kinds rot in there?

Only a righteous anger fueled physical war will fix it, Dee. Every other method has been tried, and they counter by doubling down on their evil. People like that only respond to seeing their own blood soak into the dirt.

Dee Anne Moore - Sometimes I think I have more faith in love and the power of the unseen than any of my friends who profess faith in the unseen. The butterfly will die.. it will simply travel thousands of miles...mate, lay eggs, and die... We know that is not the end of the story...but for that one adult butterfly...that came into being through a complete is the point where it will leave the 'being' and become part of the earth or another creature's lunch..
Like a song that is heard...touches one's heart...causes a swelling of emotion ...but the sound moves off and gone...
The child huddled in the dust of the bombed building ...bombed by someone who sits in judgement, hand able to execute the mission and drop the bomb and move the evil song that no matter who it is intended to be sung matter who it is supposed to hurt or helps no one. and the child stays trembling and huddling in the dust and debris sobbing for a mother or brother or father or sister that is no longer..
At this point in my 'poetry' Mu, the swelling in my throat and the knot in my stomach reminds me that along with my a visceral hatred of my species...Will the innocent child grow to love and give to life or will it grow with hatred and wish to use violence and pain to make its own pain stop...
Neutrality is a safe zone ...that is available for those of us with the luxury of being able to keep at a distance from the dust and debris physically...
It is a choice to preserve sanity... From an emotional distance that affords the ability to think remember that there is a unspoken order...that the order is out of balance and what will it take to restore order. Was there ever order Mu? Is it possible that we are such a flawed species..with all the ability but little of the knowing?
Having a choice is a luxury in this world.
If our essence travels beyond our being as the sound of the song...longer after the singer is gone..long after the dust settles and the child's crying is carried off into the wind... long after the earth is just another cinder in the dark void...
Could, perhaps, the sounds of love and hope be the essence of a new world to be?
Or will the sounds of anger and violence be the building energy of the next ...?
Phillip described what could have kept him from being a 'lifer' in prison...he became a victim of the stronger voices of violence of the streets... That is why I choose to try and keep the voice of love stronger... Perhaps with the help of others, his healing has given him a healing voice..and perhaps his healing voice will reach another child who then will validate Phillip's power to making the changes in others.. the cycle of the Monarch...

Muhammad Rasheed
- Dee wrote: "Sometimes I think I have more faith in love and the power of the unseen than any of my friends who profess faith in the unseen."

You're being silly. God has very specific instructions for how humans are to treat each other, and how to deal with those who have completely given over to their lusts to the detriment of others is indeed a part of that instruction.

Naturally I would expect you to be more merciful to your own kind, but they are the ones who have waged war upon me for money, and lack your compassion for me. 500 years later, i find your efforts to get me to soften my heart for my dedicated enemy to be out of line, ma'am.

Stand down.

Dee Anne Moore - "Naturally I would expect you to be more merciful to your own kind, but they are the ones who have waged war upon me for money, and lack your compassion for me."

I cannot believe that you from what I have written you deduced that I actually have any sympathy for what is the true history of the white man. My own kind??? What is my own kind Muhammad? I try to find heroes and villains. It is easy to break it down to the European whites and their constant greed and quest for power and wealth. I very well know the history of this country...of how the wealth and power was built on the backs of and at the expense of the African who was brought here in shackles...bought and sold and bred like livestock.. I look around and know that the capitalist system that is embraced by so many is protected by those who created it ...and for the purpose of sustaining their own.... I will not excuse any actions that did or do create the inequality that permeates this world. I know the score... Know it well Mu.
With the help of the media and the organizations I have been part of for the past 40 years ...the friends and acquaintances that bring the world from afar to us... to the streets that I know well.. the prejudice and bigotry...racist rants and unbearably evil the unjust laws that are still trying to make slavery legal... post the 1860's...peonage... still... even look at stupid laws like jay-walking... Who actually thinks that is not a racist carry over to fill the white man's for profit prison.. I know Muhammed and I do not give mercy to the white man. I am not blind to the reality that being born white is being privileged. ...that being anything in this world other than being white and Christian is a disadvantage in the eyes of the whites.. I is like not ever being able to have membership in a club because you are either white or a club because you are not white..
I want a better world for your children...for you my grandchildren...I know that my desire to be accepted will fall on deaf ears ...that being of the 'manor born'... no matter how matter how many years I spend caring and helping and trying.. it will not wash the white from me in the eyes of those who are not white...except for my family members who are black or Latino...
I must sound naive because I do not think there is a big ethnic club that awaits us after we die and we all are sorted and labeled and sent off to the group that we resembled when we were human beings.

Dee Anne Moore -I am afraid of violent revolution. I see no where...anywhere that give evidence that life was made better by violence. On the other hand, I don't see much evidence that Mohandas Gandhi's world has sustained peace either. Your Mom is tireless. Being a woman myself, I find her inspirational...

Muhammad Rasheed - Dee Anne Moore wrote: "I cannot believe that you from what I have written you deduced that I actually have any sympathy for what is the true history of the white man."

How else am I to take that? You're trying to calm me down, and turn me away from literally the only thing that will stop the diabolical Monster of Legend from continuing his subjugation/terrorizing/exploitation of my people. There is way too much money on the table for him to stop on his own. Do you like me forced into the role of his slave? Do you enjoy watching his White Supremacist goons kill me just because they have the State-sanctioned authority to do so? No? Then turn away as I fight, please. Turn your face away lest the creature's blood splashes into your eyes.

Dee Anne Moore wrote: "I am afraid of violent revolution."

Fear Allah instead, and fight in His cause to cleanse the earth of evil and restore Peace. Do this in God's Name and you will have no need to fear, nor shall you grieve. A promise from the Lord of the worlds.

Dee Anne Moore wrote: "anywhere that give evidence that life was made better by violence"

The prophet Muhammad and the early Muslim community were relentlessly assaulted by the pagan Meccans who desperately sought to wipe the believers off the map because they feared the growing monotheism message would cause a drop in their pilgrimage revenue if it caught on. They also refused to listen to reason and only their blood purified the land and MADE IT BETTER. #TheLessonsOfHistory

Dee Anne Moore - @Mu... Can you visualize what this world is supposed to look like as a result of a global 'revolution'...? Will there be 'winners and losers'...or some sort of peaceful co-existence whereby all can exercise freely their beliefs?
Please describe for me the vision you hold?

Muhammad Rasheed - Currently the players are The Bad Guy and his victims. The goal of the revolution is to topple The Bad Guy from power -- SMASH him so that he is unable to recover, to live in cowering hiding spots for at least the same amount of time he terrorized the globe (assuming he manages to survive the smashing at all) -- and for the victims to rebuild in peace. They will build a new world with the memory of what The Bad Guy did as a warning to all, with laws put in place to guard against such evil ever returning.

Muhammad Rasheed

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