Tuesday, April 18, 2023

How White Racists Respond to Being Called Out on Their Racism


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Rasheed, Muhammad. "How White Racists Respond to Being Called Out on Their Racism." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 18 Apr 2023. Permanent marker w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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Crazy Clips (@crazyclipsonly) - Woman puts her dog in dryer on Instagram live ๐Ÿ˜ณ

Muhammad Rasheed - "Woman?" She's a child.

chaos (@forgetchaos) - And? Lock her up

Muhammad Rasheed - Hm. If only we could lock all of whoever your people are whenever they've made any level of bad decision ever. Adults & children.

chaos (@forgetchaos) - She is clearly old enough to be charged. And it’s not a race thing stop trying to make it a race thing

Muhammad Rasheed - Treating Black children like adults has been a white sociopathic trait since slavery, so yeah, it is a race thing.

m caserta (@michaelcaserta2) - Them don’t arrest her, fine, but get that dog out of that house.

Muhammad Rasheed - Was "arresting" this mere child your first instinct?

m caserta (@michaelcaserta2) - First instinct was to get that dog out of that house. Then yeah, call police. She said she’s going to put his ass BACK in the dryer. That POS has done this before. She’s on a bad path, better correct it now or next she’s picking on smaller kids. Yeah, that behavior progresses

Muhammad Rasheed - If she were a white child instead of a Black one, would you call her a "POS" and call the police on her? 

Be honest, please.

m caserta (@michaelcaserta2) - Anyone who harms a defenseless animal is a POS, you’ve got serious problems if you think race has any bearing whatsoever here

Muhammad Rasheed - Treating Black children as if they are adults is 100% part of the racist history of the USA going back to slavery. You are casually ignorant about the topic. Racism against my people is worse than the regrettable poor decision of this child.

Muhammad Rasheed - You didn't answer my question because we both know you would not use such language with a member of your own identity group. Note that whites routinely make up excuses to cover/lessen the wrongs of their mass shooter sociopaths.

m caserta (@michaelcaserta2) - Go fuck your self. She has repeatedly abused a defenseless animal and you excuse it away and play the race card. You’re a fvking moron ๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿ–•

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm not going to go "f*ck myself." 

You are a racist with a hypocritical code in how you treat Black children versus white children. 

You are the problem with the world, not a little kid making a mistake.

m caserta (@michaelcaserta2) - Your desperate attempt to use the race card makes you look incredibly shallow.Trying to make my comments racist to deflect from the fact someone could abuse ananimal routinely makes me question your ability to understand that her behavior is not normal. Yeah,I’m the bad guy here

Muhammad Rasheed - There's is no "race card." There is only the reality of U.S. race relations history, and the fact that whites treat Black children as if they are adults because you are evil and sadistic. 

Nothing you type holds value outside of showing you are a terrible excuse for a human.

All I see is a foul-mouthed, uncouth white man who wants to pretend that a Black child making a juvenile mistake is an excuse to abuse the criminal justice system to feed your violent racist sociopathy.

If she were white, you would not behave this harshly against her and would recommend proper instruction, therapy, or helping her using your gentle inside voice as if you were actually civilized. 

You show your true nature whenever you respond to anything involving my group.

m caserta (@michaelcaserta2) - You are such a racist. You even read what you post?? YOU are the racist here

Muhammad Rasheed - In your twisted universe, I'm the "racist" for no other reason than because I called out your racism.

We both know the real reason a red-faced, sweaty, profane white male adult went out of his way to defend treating a Black little girl as if she's an adult, don't we?

Enjoy hellfire, filth.

m caserta (@michaelcaserta2) - How many times you going to refer to me as a WHITE man?  Your racism makes you see things that aren’t there. That chip on your shoulder must be a burden to carry. You are the racist here

Muhammad Rasheed - "Caserta" is an Italian surname, yes? Italy is a European country, yes? You have all of the physical phenotype traits of the Caucasoid race, yes? You're literally treating a Black child as if she's an adult, yes?

Okay, then you are "white." Take a bow.

m caserta (@michaelcaserta2) - You’re a racist with nothing else to offer. Your life is sad

Muhammad Rasheed - I clearly have plenty to offer you. Am I not instructing you in how to stop being a worthless racist? You're welcome.

Or is this a demonstration of casting pearls before swine? ๐Ÿค”

m caserta (@michaelcaserta2) - You’re an eloquent racist, but a racist nonetheless

Muhammad Rasheed - I'll accept the compliment, but I am not a racist. I do not believe my group is magically superior to others just because of racial phenotype. That is not my shtick, that's yours. Whites literally invented the concept and signed it into law for love of money, remember?

Muhammad Rasheed - "How many times you going to refer to me as a WHITE man?"

Stop being one and I'll be forced to refer to you as Italian-American. "Whiteness" is certainly not my invention since it doesn't benefit me at all by design.

m caserta (@michaelcaserta2) - And instead of calling out abhorrent behavior you’ll deflect by calling people racist with zero proof, you disgust  me

Muhammad Rasheed - Treating a Black child as an adult is a racist trope as old as slavery. You performed it, then doubled-down on it when I called you out, therefore that is my proof you are a racist.

Being an adult performing racist behavior is MORE abhorrent than a child making a mistake.

m caserta (@michaelcaserta2) - You brought race into a thread  that has nothing to do with race. You are the racist here, just not smart enough to realize. Seek help and go away

Muhammad Rasheed - A racist trope headlined the original Tweet when it called a Black child a "woman" which is a typical racist thing to do. It's not new. 

Are you proud of your ignorance? Or is this something else? How many Black children did you g*rape while pretending they were adults? Did you tell your buddies on the police force the children you g*raped were adults and they (wink, wink) agreed with you and let you go?

Muhammad Rasheed - I ask because there is literally no other logical reason why you are in this thread defending what you are defending.


m caserta (@michaelcaserta2) - You’re such a racist it causes you to make idiotic statements. You’re living proof that racism actually makes you even more stupid than you naturally were

Muhammad Rasheed - Between the two of us, you're the one who filled a thread with your ignorance of a topic you are passionately against. Your rabid, profane defensiveness in response to being called out on your racism is evidence of your chronic anger-fueled stupidity. Stop g*raping kids, pedo.

m caserta (@michaelcaserta2) - Go spread your irrational hate elsewhere and I’ll keep calling animal abusers pieces of shit, no matter their color

Muhammad Rasheed - "As reported, human traffickers exploit domestic and foreign victims in Liberia, and traffickers exploit victims from Liberia abroad. Trafficking within the country is more prevalent than transnational trafficking, and the majority of victims are children."

Muhammad Rasheed - You believe that my telling you to stop being a racist pedo is "hate," huh?

What a strange & perverted universe you live in.

m caserta (@michaelcaserta2) - ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ  Now I’m a pedo?? Just when I think there’s no way you could say anything more stupid you outdo yourself.

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) You're flying the Liberian flag
2.) Liberia is infamous for white male sex trafficking "tourism"
3.) You defended calling a Black child a "woman"

What else would it be? Stop g*raping kids, pedo.

Muhammad Rasheed - For some reason, you also think that your race-based participation in child sex trafficking is hilarious. 


Muhammad Rasheed - I also noticed that cocaine is called "Italian white" in Liberia. Your surname is Italian.


Muhammad Rasheed - What kind of "business" are you operating exactly?


ITALY - Why do d&c threads against europeans always come from memeflags?

Why are the only argument they can offer always strawmen and shitty images with no substance?

Is perhaps someone mad at us for having persecuted them for millennias? Hmm...

USA - I don't think you understand. OP is the guy who made that comic. He comes in sometimes with a pirate flag and links his website or youtube

Muhammad Rasheed - @USA... Not true. I've actually never posted on the 4chan/pol site before. If I ever do, I'll 100% display my real name and brand logo so you all will have zero doubt it's me. 


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